Love How You Feel At Home


Initial Consultation


Unearth where you’re feeling stuck in your home. Receive a ‘next step’ action  plan to create lasting transformation rooted in your joy of being.

Private Session


An in-house five-hour session to ensure progress toward your home reset. Receive support  to create the clarity, organization, and beauty you desire in your home experience.

Virtual Follow-up


Feeling stuck? Are you ready for further home refinements?  A Virtual Follow-Up is an efficient way to stay on track during your home reset.


Anne Marie Matthews is a Home Clarity Consultant who supports individuals and families create a home experience that is clear, bright and nourishing through tuning in to one’s joy of being. Her work supports a complete reset of recurring patterns such as accumulation, clutter and disorder, as well as assists in the release of emotional overwhelm, anxiety and depletion while maintaining many facets of a vibrant home.

Anne Marie is a respected Space Clearer, a member of the Professional Organizers in Canada, and her design work has been featured in Dwell Magazine online.  She is the co-founder of Kula Yoga Studios, which has been offering Yoga study for over a decade in the Greater Toronto Area. Anne Marie has a life-long devotion to personal growth, spiritual study and serving others from the heart. Through the facets of her work, Anne Marie helps clients align their homes with their joy of being for extraordinary results!



“I felt that I needed more space and that our home was not able to provide it. Anne Marie, in her gentle and powerful way, helped me to see the space with fresh eyes and an open heart; all kinds of possibilities revealed themselves. I was amazed by my significant increase in the enjoyment and utility of the space after working with Anne Marie. She is truly remarkable in her craft and I can not recommend her presence highly enough!”
Jonathan Varkul

“I felt very unsatisfied with my home space.  Within minutes of Anne Marie arriving things began to shift for me both on the inside and the outside.  My awareness of my patterns in relationship to my home heightened, and when we moved some furniture around the space felt much lighter.  I Immediately felt better – more spacious, calmer and at ease within my home.  I even started to enjoy being at home again! Almost a year later,  I am still practicing what Anne Marie taught me.”

Jennifer Schramm 

Soul-Talk Blog

Tips to connect to your joy while doing laundry

Sometimes the sheer quantity of washing, folding and putting away laundry for a household can be daunting.

Here are my favourite tips to connect to joy and feel energized instead of depleted while embracing the task of laundry.

Soul Cleanse for the fridge

I invite you to deepen your inner and outer relationship with the fridge, as it’s so much more than an icebox. I believe we assimilate the nourishment from food in many ways, and it begins before we go to the grocery store. Here are my inner and outer steps that helped us create lasting clarity in the fridge to support our well being and the overall vitality of our kitchen.

Cleansing your home after an argument

Have you ever walked into a room and felt a heavy feeling, or something that just didn’t feel right? Here are some steps you can take to assist the release of heavy emotions and invite harmony to your home after or during intense circumstance. No previous experience is required, simply an open mind and heart.

To use, or not, storage baskets?

I've seen a recurring pattern recently of forgotten items in baskets and decorative boxes tucked away in corners of rooms, closets and cupboards.  Each time, I was struck by a feeling of contained energy  wanting to move.  It often felt like a disguise for tidy order,...

Connecting to Nature In Our home

When I think of our homes, nature is not excluded from our modern daily experiences. Perhaps, it’s easy to think of nature as ‘out there’ rather than an intrinsic part of life we are profoundly inter-connected with. The vitality we may feel outdoors witnessing nature’s beauty also permeates our homes in seen and unseen ways. Through our windows we may glance at trees swaying, animals playing, and awe-inspiring moments such as a sunset, rainbow or clear sky.

Facing to-do lists with relaxed focus – magic!

Relaxed focus opens the gateway to inspiration, creativity, energy and co-creative flow, which negates painful friction that comes with resistance to what is. – i.e. tidying up, again. Letting go of tension inducing thoughts is to stand with clear knowing that the inherent fabric of my being is joy, and constant deficit is not required.


I would love to hear from you! I’m located in Toronto, Canada and I work with clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area and remotely online. I offer a complementary phone consultation to answer any questions you may have, and to ensure our work together can support your home clarity goals in a lasting and joy-filled way.    I   Tel: 647.880.5514

From my heart and home to yours,​ 

Anne Marie