Anne Marie


I delight in supporting individuals and families create clarity in their homes through a method I call Soul Cleanse, which developed from my own practice, study and personal transformation.  My work blends a holistic approach to home organization, space clearing and interior design.  Through the facets of my work, I aspire to support joy arising from within in the every day experiences of life and home. How it all began….


I was never an overly tidy person naturally, although I genuinely tried to be.   Before my personal Soul Cleanse, I experienced exhausting cleaning cycles consisting of a ‘power tidy’ followed by a recurring pattern of  accumulation; a rhythm that was always looming and I never felt truly fee.     As I shifted my focus from my external experience to greater awareness within, a remarkable transformation occurred not only within my home, but with my life.


The former pressure I continually felt  “to do” or “I should do,” in which  I often “did do,” was replaced with following my internal cues of joy.   It was a daily practice that had extraordinary results in my life. Clutter clearing began to happen organically.  Meal planning became inspired and the fridge contained a new level of whole foods vitality. The physical space was maintained daily with ease with a warm modern minimalism aesthetic. I enjoyed a sense of purpose to space, and beauty that I delighted in effortlessly.  Gone for good were power tidy sessions or fears that someone would drop in unexpectedly.  I felt a deep appreciation for what I owned, and feelings of gratitude and abundance flourished even with significantly less stuff.  Recurring patterns in which I felt  I didn’t have enough time or energy simply dissolved.  I even found I had more time for quality connection with others and with myself, because I wasn’t depleted by little things that were accumulating. Overall, I felt a deep sense of inner relaxation even when navigating multiple personal and professional responsibilities.  I created space to be – revelation!


Upon reflection, over a decade later, I see clearly that the changes that were happening within the home ultimately arose from transformation within me.  My home, which includes my husband, Colin,  and a few furry friends over the years, has served as my mirror and training ground for an internal shift toward my joy of being rooted in the present moment. That which I felt was in my way, turned out to be my way.   Even when life got physically or emotionally demanding, my home remained a steady safe haven that fostered continued clarity, honesty,  growth, ease, warmth and beauty inside and out.


My  work with individuals and families is a service from my heart, as I know personally how tremendous this freedom feels.  I hold our collective home from within and the home we make and share with loved ones as sacred.   I treat the challenges my clients face with great compassion, and a I have a deep trust in the opportunity to elevate our perspective from our Soul to foster true freedom in the mind, body and spirit.  I have come to appreciate clutter clearing, space clearing and authentic interior design as a modern day tool to support life-giving transformation, and I dare say, alchemy!   Furthermore,  I have found creating clarity in the home rooted in joy of being has far reaching benefits for oneself, family,  and community.

 If a Soul Cleanse journey resonates with you,  it would be an honour to support you.  Here’s how I can help.

From my heart and home to yours,



Anne Marie

Professional Bio

Anne Marie Matthews is the founder of Home From Within through which she assists individuals and families create clarity in their homes.  Her Soul Cleanse method developed through her life-long dedication to spiritual study and practice leading her to seek home within one’s Self.  Anne Marie is a respected Space Clearer, a member of the Professional Organizers in Canada, and her design work has been featured in Dwell Magazine online.  Anne Marie is the co-founder of Kula Yoga Studios in Canada with her husband, Colin Matthews, which continues to offer Yoga study for over a decade in the Greater Toronto Area.  Through the facets of her work, Anne Marie aspires to support joy arising from within in the every day experiences for a beautiful life and home.