Create a home experience that is clear, nourishing and joyful to maintain

The Soul Cleanse method creates clarity in the home from the inside out and supports a complete reset of recurring patterns such as accumulation, clutter and disorder, as well as assists in the release of emotional overwhelm, anxiety and depletion while maintaining many facets of a vibrant home.  The Soul Cleanse process transforms physical space to be in alignment with an individual or family’s joy of being in the present moment. Be ready to welcome a deep sense of peace,  inner freedom and beauty in the home!

Who would benefit from a Soul Cleanse?

  • You feel overwhelmed by clutter or experience chronic disorder.
  • You would like greater balance and harmony in your home.
  • You feel ready for a shift in your space, but you’re unsure where to begin.
  • You feel depleted rather than nourished in your home.
  • You would like to experience ease, clarity and energy in tidying and cleaning rhythms.
  • You would like to create a home that reflects your joy, style, and vision for your life.
  • You would like to create greater connection to design elements that delight you.

Questions?  Please call for your complementary phone consultation.  


Why Soul Cleanse?


A Soul Cleanse journey supports greater awareness of our inherent joy and brings physical space into alignment with our joy of being.


Our home is a powerful reflection to see what is alive within us, what we are holding on to and why, and invites us to align our space (and life) with our joy in the present moment.


Some of our greatest soul lessons are triggered in our home life.  When we resist opportunities for growth and tune out recurring patterns or feelings that deplete our vitality, challenges typically persists in our home, relationships and health. Cultivating clarity from the inside out welcomes new insights and personal growth to support our well-being.


Home life can often feel overwhelming with the many demands and responsibilities individuals and families face today. Sometimes it’s challenging to rest deeply, as our homes are a constant reminder of how pulled we may feel.  Creating a clear space invites a deeper relationship with our Self that supports profound relaxation, even amidst busy lives.


To welcome and experience beauty within and all around.  A Soul Cleanse journey invites a paradigm shift that touches all aspects of life, as it ultimately brings us in tune with our home from within, our wise Self that knows only love.

Soul Cleanse Pillars

Tune Into your Joy of Being

Clarity & Purpose to Space

Profound Inner Relaxation

The Magic of a Daily Reset

Gratitude: Experience Beauty Within

No-Time Power Shift: Follow Your Arising

Let’s Begin Together

Initial Consultation


1hr | $80+hst

Unearth where you’re feeling stuck in your home. Receive a ‘next step’ action  plan to create lasting transformation rooted in your joy of being.

Private Session


5 hr | $350+hst

An in-house five-hour session to ensure progress toward your home reset. Receive support  to create the clarity, organization, and beauty you desire in your home experience.

Virtual Follow-up


1 hr | $60+hst

Feeling stuck? Are you ready for further home refinements?  A Virtual Follow-Up is an efficient way to stay on track during your home reset.