Have you ever walked into a room and felt a heavy feeling, or something that just didn’t feel right? This can occur especially after a heated argument, or perhaps a recurring disagreement.  What you’re sensing is energetic residue.  For example, have you noticed that when disagreements arise they tend to occur in similar areas of the house?  Our homes are energy in form, and our living space absorbs our thoughts and emotions.  I highly recommend cleansing a home after periods of disconnection, especially if there has yet to be resolution or closure on the matter.  When we bring our attention to uplift and cleanse a space, we reset the resonance to reflect our heart’s desire and our willingness to grow and learn.   Cleansing a space is a way to return to our home from wtihin even amidst disharmony, and focus our inner and outer alignment to that which is good, beautiful and holy.  This symbolic act will be felt within and in the home for the benefit of all.


Here are some steps you can take to assist the release of heavy emotions and invite harmony to your home after or during intense circumstance.  No previous experience is required, simply an open mind and heart.


  • Set an intention.  What is the quality of connection you desire to share and experience in your home?   What does this look and feel like?  Find a quiet time to be with this intention, and bring it into your mind and heart.  


  • Clean the house.  Follow your intuition if a deep, thorough clean is beneficial or a light cleaning to harmonize inner and outer clarity.  At the very least, I encourage vacuuming.  I find when disconnection arises there’s always crumbs on the floor, even if the house was vacuumed the day before.  When I vacuum to cleanse a space, I hold the intention to compassionately remove any thoughts, feelings or beliefs that are disharmonious and untrue within myself and anyone in the home.  As crumbs are lifted, I often feel my mind and heart lifted.  The human psyche responds to symbolic acts; find what resonates with you. The act of cleaning quite literally cleanses the home, and helps discharge residual friction for a calmer space in which clarity may arise from within.


  • Purification and Blessings:  There are many ceremonial ways and tools to support purifying a home energetically.  However, I feel what matters most is the remembrance that the Space Clearer resides in you, and whichever ritual or tool you may choose, ensure that it resonates with you.   It’s in the ability to project love, harmony and clear intention into the home that invokes transformation.  When we stand with clear intent that does not wane with doubt or fear that our sacred tools assist to amplify our intention.   Holding this awareness within, you may wish to burn sage, palo santo, or resins of choice.  You may wish to use a bell,  drum, song or clapping.   You may wish to light a candle or use prayer or mantra.  You may wish to symbolically use the elements.  You may wish to attune to your guides, angels, Christ or the divine emanation that resonates with your being. With your intention illuminated in your mind and heart, bring your presence into each room for clarity, healing and blessings.  Seal the intention with a resounding affirmation that only love is true in a way that is meaningful to you. For example, say to yourself or out loud,  ‘May it be so.  So it is, Amen, or Om.  Perhaps seal the room with a symbolic gesture of the infinity signature. Trust the arising within you to cleanse and bless the home to be attuned to the beauty and goodness that is inherently you.


  • Preservation: During the cleansing process you may have an insight to move furniture, remove an item, clutter clear…etc.  Follow the arising within, and see how it feels.  Does this change feel lighter, more spacious, joyful or harmonious? Sometimes a shift in physical space can assist the clarity of resonance that has been called forward from within.


You don’t have to wait until there’s an argument to cleanse your home.  Uplifting the resonance of your home is a sacred practice that is shared across time and cultures worldwide.   I have found cleansing a home energetically supports our soul journey in profound and miraculous ways. If working with a sacred tool doesn’t resonate with you, setting an intention and cleaning your home will also work wonders to support harmonious transformation.


From my heart and home to yours,


Anne Marie

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