The first transformation in our family Soul Cleanse was our fridge.  It began during an extremely busy period in which Colin and I found food was spoiling before we consumed it, which wasn’t something we took lightly.  We took massive action to hold ourselves accountable. Committed and inspired for change we focused on creating clarity in the fridge, and we received so much more in return! Here are my inner and outer action steps that helped us create lasting clarity in our fridge, which supports our health and vitality in a multitude of ways.  


Inner Transformation:


  • Clarify what foods truly nourish you.  Sometimes this can be confusing, particularly if we’re in a habit of eating quickly, on the go or feel constant pressure to prepare meals in a hurry. If you’re experiencing a cycle of choosing foods based on speed rather than nourishment, or if you simply feel out of balance, I invite you to reflect on what foods truly support the vitality of your mind, body and spirit.  When we cultivate clarity within and attune to nourishment, our fridge will naturally reflect our internal shift. It’s akin to building a home upon a sturdy foundation.
  • Value time to prepare whole foods. I had to make a conscious decision to slow down and value time differently when I felt disconnected from our fridge.  I shifted my lens to see our fridge as a reflection of where I was focusing – or not – my energy.  I’m sure you’ve heard the adage, ‘you are what you eat.’  As I prioritized time to prepare whole foods and value self care in this way, what I chose to put in the fridge became an ally to my family’s health and wellbeing.
  • Connect to the gift. Consider the evolution of the food you receive from seed to maturation, the people and communities involved, and the abundant life-giving gifts of nature.  I’ve found when I hold this contemplation, not only do I make different food choices and purchases, but I feel I assimilate greater nourishment from the food I eat.
  • Power in daily choices. Our relationship with food is an ongoing attunement, and for some, a conscious life practice. Our needs may change at different life cycles. Be kind to yourself. Some days, weeks or years will be easier than others to feel in harmony.  If your fridge is reflecting an internal awareness of feeling out of balance, bring gentle remembrance to the power of daily choices. In each moment we have the opportunity to bring clarity to the level of vitality we seek.
  • Invite creativity to soar! Sometimes, I feel burdened by the sheer quantity of meal planning. One of the fastest ways I’m able to shift this vibe is to invite my creativity to take the lead. I encourage you to welcome your creativity as an ally; trust it, as it will gift you energy, sometimes when you need it the most.


Outer Transformation: Bring ‘WOW’ to the Fridge


Full disclosure, my family lovingly refers to me as a ‘fridge nerd.’ It’s through their patient and gracious access to their fridges that I was able to refine my studies of the energetics of fridge organization. Here are eight easy recommendations for big results:


  • Transparent organization = clarity. Being able to effortlessly see what is in your fridge is key. I highly recommend glass jars and tupperware, (for health reasons, too) which also creates efficient transfers from fridge to freezer or oven, as specified by the manufacturer, of course.
  • Optimize vertical space. Stack like-size containers and tupperware.
  • Purpose to space. Create mindful places for weekly food staples and culinary inspirations. Take food in and out of the fridge with care.
  • Create Beauty.  Become the artist of your fridge, as it supports a deeper connection to the beautiful food on hand.  As you put food away, ask yourself, “do I appreciate this here? Does it look beautiful? How do I feel when I open the fridge? Do I like these containers beside each other, or these food colours so close?” This doesn’t need to take a lot of time, and it will most definitely become intuitive with practice.  Energetically, this attention harmonizes the resonance of your fridge with the food present and your fridge will feel settled and peaceful.
  • Clean as you go. Wipe down shelves and drawers as needed, or before your next shop. It will keep your fridge fresh and save you cleaning time in the long run.  This is one of my rituals to prepare space with gratitude for the food we enjoy.
  • Keep condiments in check.  I’ve found condiments that get lost in the fridge or are rarely used  accumulate a dull vibration over time.  I encourage you to be selective about how many condiments you keep at one time in the fridge – celebrate what you love and use!
  • Prep and feature veggies! Greens get the feature spot in our fridge – top left shelf. This is intentional, both energetically and strategically: energetically, because, veggies are high vibration foods. Strategically, because we’re more likely to nourish ourselves with veggies, especially greens, when they’re washed and ready. This has helped us make healthy daily food choices that support our vitality.
  • Enough is abundant.  Find your sweet spot on the weekly quantity of food in your fridge so everything is consumed while fresh. Even if we only have a few items in our fridge, I’m so often amazed at the abundance that can still be created.


I invite you to deepen your inner and outer relationship with the fridge, as it’s so much more than an icebox. I believe we assimilate the nourishment from food in many ways, and it begins before we go to the grocery store. Creating clarity in the fridge can be a profound tool to see within ourselves. Maintaining a healthy vibrant fridge may require a shift in perspective, some new habits and practice, but in my experience, it’s worth the effort, because the gains are extraordinary.


Anne Marie




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I invite you to deepen your inner and outer relationship with the fridge, as it’s so much more than an icebox. I believe we assimilate the nourishment from food in many ways, and it begins before we go to the grocery store. Here are my inner and outer steps that helped us create lasting clarity in the fridge to support our well being and the overall vitality of our kitchen.


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