Sometimes the sheer quantity of washing, folding and putting away laundry for a household can be daunting. Here are my favourite tips to connect to joy and feel energized instead of depleted while embracing the task of laundry.


  • Check-In:   How are you feeling in this moment? What is your attitude toward this task and your energy level?  Is now the best time to take care of laundry? (taking into consideration both your well-being and the needs of the household)  If not, I encourage you to explore waiting for inspiration to arise within, which could be in ten minutes or tomorrow.  If the consequence of waiting means no clean underwear, read on!
  • Ready and Willing.  Are you open to the possibility of  connecting to joy, even if you don’t feel it in this moment?  Sometimes, a subtle shift in perception can radically shift an experience.
  • Sending and Receiving Love.  Especially when tackling a big pile, I invite you to think of the person you love who wears that item of clothing. Send them love and receive the love they bring to your life. Oh, and watch that pile disappear before you know it, and the vitality you feel within once you’re done!
  • A Quiet Mind.  Have you ever been folding clothes and found yourself thinking, “I just want this to be done.  If I were done, I could be doing this.”  In my experience, not only do such thoughts deplete our energy, they also slow us down.  If you’re experiencing mental resistance to folding laundry, begin to witness your thoughts come and go without attachment or evaluation.  Gently bring your attention back to your breath, which naturally invites a quiet mind.
  • Create Beauty.  One of our core family values is to create beauty in the world, and that even includes laundry! One way I hold this intention is to fold with presence.  I bring attention to smoothing out the fabric and folding with precision.  I also create beauty in the way I put clothes away.  (If you don’t know about the vertical fold – it’s a game changer, as you can see everything that’s in your drawers!)  However beauty may appeal to you, I invite you to bring it with you, especially while folding and putting away laundry. Watch how you feel the next time you put on that beautifully folded sweater without wrinkles!
  • Self-Empathy.  Sometimes, feelings of resentment or being unappreciated comes up, especially if you’re the one who primarily does the laundry for more than one person. I invite you to practice self-empathy and to acknowledge the unmet need you’re feeling or experiencing.   i.e. I have a need for support.  I’m feeling tired and I have a need for rest.  Internally, you can respond, “I understand you have a need for support, and you’re feeling tired and you would like to rest.”  Take a deep breath after you’ve acknowledged your need.  Then ask yourself, “is there anything more that you need in this moment?”  The key is to gift yourself empathy without a narration or digging deeper into an evaluation of the situation. In my experience this simple, yet profound practice releases pent-up emotion, creates space for an emotionally clear conversation, and shifts the internal blocks to joy arising from within even if the external situation hasn’t shifted yet.
  • Gratitude.   Having gone through a soul cleanse in our home, I  feel immense gratitude for what remains in our home. When I wash, fold and put clothes away, I see our belongings through eyes of gratitude for the comfort and beauty they bring to our lives.  Holding gratitude within softens any resistance I have to not only getting the job done, but doing it with joy.


I hope you find some of the tips helpful!


Wishing you joy while washing, folding and creating beauty in your closet and drawers.  It can be our little secret.


Anne Marie

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Tips to connect to your joy while doing laundry

Sometimes the sheer quantity of washing, folding and putting away laundry for a household can be daunting.

Here are my favourite tips to connect to joy and feel energized instead of depleted while embracing the task of laundry.


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