I’ve seen a recurring pattern recently of forgotten items in baskets and decorative boxes tucked away in corners of rooms, closets and cupboards.  Each time, I was struck by a feeling of contained energy  wanting to move.  It often felt like a disguise for tidy order, but something lurked inside, which could be felt in the space. While baskets can be functional and beautiful for storing items, I encourage you to take the following into consideration to ensure your baskets and decorative boxes are also contributing to the flow of energy in your space. A basket used with intention will support your needs and harmony of the space – a win-win!


  • Take time to clarify what items you have in your basket – hint, is it what you love, use and brings you joy?
  • Clarify the purpose of this basket:  What items do you want it to store?  Will you use these items frequently or occasionally?
  • Is the basket housing items that haven’t been assigned a place of their own? Is it a cover-up for that which would benefit from further clarity? If so, empty the basket as soon as possible and begin a clutter clearing process.
  • Create beauty. Place items with intention, care, and ideally, ensure all items are visible.  Try storing items upright whenever possible for space efficiency.
  • Store items by categories to support harmony for related use, textures and function.
  • Remove any dust or accumulation periodically, especially at the bottom of the basket.
  • Use baskets and decorative boxes selectively, and ideally, only ones that you find pleasing to the eye.
  • Bring an awareness of gratitude for the way this basket creates structure and offers support to your life.

Wishing you clarity with functional storage baskets that support the flow of energy in your home. 


Anne Marie

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